We are a nation obsessed with our weight. Americans spend around 40 billion dollars a year on weight loss products, programs, and diet aids. Yet, we still can’t control our weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that obesity is fast approaching tobacco as the top underlying preventable cause of death in the USA.  However, many individuals make the mistake of turning to inexperienced weight loss product salespersons for help instead of consulting a medical professional.

Dr. Asha Kohli is trained to help her patients achieve their healthy weight loss goals. She and her staff look forward to utilizing the physician-supervised weight loss program to help bring about positive change in patients’ lives.

She is certified and trained to provide HCG weight-loss program to qualified patients.

Our program focuses on breaking food addictions and helping patients reach a safe and healthy target weight quickly. Most importantly, it teaches clients how to maintain their weight loss permanently by adopting healthy habits in place of their addictions.  Although the program is primarily designed to help adults, the whole family may benefit from its parents' healthy eating habits.

The key to treating obesity is individualized medical treatment.  Dr. Kohli understands the complex factors that are related to weight gain- individual psychology, contributing illnesses, prescription medication and the genetics of individual body composition. Whether clients are suffering from severe health issues due to extreme excess weight or merely looking to lose 15-20 excess pounds for cosmetic reasons, all will receive a full medical consultation with detailed measurements of their body mass and basal metabolic rate to help predict and follow weight loss.

To make an appointment call Dr. Asha Kohli at (281) 403-6218, or visit our 'Contact' page to get in touch with us electronically.